From 2007 to 2017, every September 10, members of COPAJE-AF celebrated the anniversary of their organization. This date not only symbolizes the birth of an organization but above all the taking of responsibility by young Africans to build a fraternal, peaceful, prosperous and respected Africa. Thus, the founder of COPAJE-AF, Anicet BURANGA, was kind enough to extend the celebration of September 10 to all African youth in order to:

• promote the action of young Africans which is not recognized for its true value
• encourage young Africans to take charge of their civic responsibilities and meet current and future challenges
• raise awareness among all African youth about their duties
• thank, congratulate and encourage young African leaders
• launch an appeal to African states so that they put in place effective strategies and create funds to support and accompany the action of African youth

From September 10, 2018, all young Africans who wish to do so and who are fighting for a better life in Africa are invited to celebrate their contribution to the construction of a radiant Africa and to make their voice heard. This is how the day of September 10 was named “AFRICAN YOUTH RESPONSIBILITY DAY (JARJ)” at the initiative of the founder of COPAJE-AF.

It is then up to all young Africans wherever they are to freely organize with innovation and creativity the festivities celebrating this event which marks the JARJ. At the same time, they must call on African states to significantly support the action of African youth.

We welcome and encourage the meetings and demonstrations organized by young African leaders and other young Africans in action on the occasion of September 10 each year celebrated throughout Africa and beyond African borders. We encourage them all to dare to act and build our dear Africa together.

Do not hesitate to send us the report of your festivities celebrating September 10 and we will publish it free of charge in our e-letter of September 10 of this year.