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Starting from September 10, 2018, all African youth who desire and strive for a better life in Africa are invited to celebrate their contribution to the construction of a radiant Africa and make their voices heard. Thus, September 10 was named “The African Youth Responsibility Day (JARJ)” at the initiative of the founder of COPAJE-AF. We salute and encourage the meetings and events organized by young African leaders and other active African youth, and encourage them all to dare to act and build our dear Africa together.

Research and Education

COPAJE-AF is sustained by young Africans who have joined , and others that will join. Present in more than 10 African countries and Canada, COPAJE-AF is determined to provide a platform for leadership of youth in every African country.

Partnership and Community

Promote the actions of African youth, which are not adequately recognized. Raise awareness among all African youth about their duties. Feel free to send us the report of your festivities celebrating the September 10th

Delegation and Advocation

Call on African states to establish effective strategies, create funds to support and accompany the actions of African youth. Encourage African youth to take on their civic responsibilities and face current and future challenges.

The Story Behind Of Our Movement

Born in Ruhango, 28-year-old Anicet Buranga decided on September 10, 2007, to create an African organization 28-year-old Anicet Buranga decided on September 10, 2007, to create an African organization.  When the war began in his home country, Rwanda, in 1990, Anicet was 11 years old, he also experienced the war that ravaged Zaire from 1996 to 1997 and that of Congo Brazzaville from 1997 to 1998. It wasn’t just wars but also poverty, misery, and all forms of violence. As a young person, Anicet went through these tragedies, which were the result of poor governance. His personal experience convinced him that if the youth did not want to fall victim to the scourges of poor governance, they should take responsibility and take action to contribute to positive changes in order to build an Africa, a land rich in human values and worthy of its children. Thus, the love for others and the passion to serve society prompted Anicet to create COPAJE-AF on September 10, 2007, to provide African youth with a space for expression and action to contribute to the progress of African society. His family was not able to support him financially, he relied only on God, himself, and his team to achieve the objectives. Our story continues and unfolds thanks to the many young Africans who have joined COPAJE-AF, and others will join us.

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

Since its establishment in 2007, COPAJE-AF has been raising awareness among young people about social responsibility, environmental protection, peace, and security. We organize seminars on entrepreneurship and leadership, provide guidance to single mothers for their empowerment, engage in humanitarian activities, and amplify the voice of African youth in several African countries. We operate in Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Guinea Conakry, Benin, Niger, Mali, Canada, and many other countries across the continent. We invite African youth to take action for positive changes and progress.

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Our Key Priorities

Inspire a generation of ambitious, equipped, and active pan-Africanist youth leaders to contribute positively to the development of Africa as a whole

Green Energy

Green Energy

A green map of Africa: Pan-Africanism, Prosperity, Vitality...

A White Heart

A White Heart

A white heart: Love, Justice, Brotherhood, Peace, Solidarity...



Two light blue wings: Action, Growth, Progress, Competitiveness...

Our Campaign

Our vision is to “Become the best African organization in the service of youth in all African countries.” COPAJE-AF was created to enable youth to bring about changes and progress in Africa. Committed to promoting social responsibility, the promotion of fundamental human values, entrepreneurship, and the development of the leadership talents of African youth, COPAJE-AF is now present in several African countries. Young Africans join COPAJE-AF from all over to represent the organization in their countries, cities, localities, villages, universities, and schools. COPAJE’s youth organize, take initiatives, and lead actions to contribute effectively to the construction of African society as a genuine citizen force.

Human Values

Promote fundamental human values. Being supportive and living in brotherhood. Respecting human dignity.

Social Responsibility

Promote social responsibility. Participating in development.


Promote a culture of entrepreneurship

Protect Environment

Protecting the environment.

Become Our Volunteer

Feel free to join us. The door is wide open for you to continue together this ongoing story that is being written in pure gold letters with courage and determination to build a fraternal, peaceful, just, prosperous, competitive, and respected Africa and nations through the energy and knowledge of a courageous youth and all those who support it. Some make history, others retell it, they say. In COPAJE-AF, we have chosen to do both at the same time, to write it and to read it, to inscribe ourselves in African history by imposing through our actions positive progress by and with African youth.